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Another great season of NAPL Singles 9-Ball wrapped up this weekend.  After 15 weeks of regular season play, players from the NY-area's NAPL singles leagues came together to find out who's the best in their class and who has what it takes win the NAPL Singles 9-Ball Grand Champion title. 

Held at Steinway Billiards August 25th & 26th, players faced off against others in their handicap class in four separate tournament brackets to claim cash prizes and bragging rights for best in class of the NAPL singles league.  These final four winners continued on to compete in championship style in a new double elimination tournament to determine who was THE best overall.  Check it out! 

Want to see how things played out?  Check out the Facebook Live videos posted by Tony Robles. 

NAPL Summer 2018 Singles 9-Ball Championship Final Four   L-R: Steve Viras (4th), Mark Zamora (3rd), Irene Kim (2nd), and Keith Jawahir (1st)

NAPL Summer 2018 Singles 9-Ball Championship Final Four
L-R: Steve Viras (4th), Mark Zamora (3rd), Irene Kim (2nd), and Keith Jawahir (1st)

Summer 2018 Class Champions 

During playoffs, players first compete for the title of Champion of their own handicap class in a true double elimination tournament before fighting for top prize.  Mark Zamora (B) and Steve Viras (C) both took the challenge head on, going undefeated in their respective class brackets to move onto the Grand Champion bracket.  Irene Kim (D+) took a more difficult path.  Having sent Suzzie Wong (6-3) to the loss side earlier in the tourney, Wong made her way back to challenge Kim, beating her 6-4.  Down in the 2nd set, Kim came from behind to win 6-5 and claim the class champion title.   Keith Jawahir (C+) took the hardest road of all, losing in the very first round to Kagan Yilmaz 6-7.  Jawahir fought his way through the loss-side bracket to meet Yilmaz again, beating Yilmaz twice in double hill sets to win the class title. 

Congrats to all for top notch performances!

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Final Four 

Earning the NAPL Singles 9-Ball Grand Champion title is no small feat.  To even have a chance, one must first rise to the top and claim the title of Best in Class, or Champion of their division.  Mark Zamora, Keith Jawahir, Steve Viras and Irene Kim did exactly that this weekend.  With this achievement under their belts, they faced off in a new double elimination tournament for top honors. 

Mark Zamora, B & Higher Division Champion, took on Keith Jawahir, Champ of the C+ Class, while Steve Viras, C Division Champ, faced off against Irene Kim, the D+/D Class Champion.  Click the pic to see how the drama unfolded. 

In the end, "there can be only one."   This season, due to player feedback, a true double elimination final was adopted instead of the extended race.   Irene Kim sat in the hot seat, prepared to play Keith Jawahir in the finals.  She defeated Steve Viras (6-1) and battled Mark Zamora (9-8), but fell to Keith Jawahir 8-4 in the first set.  Unable to recover, Jawahir downed the 2nd set 8-5, to put an exclamation point on his win.  A very well-deserved congratulations to Keith Jawahir, the new NAPL Singles 9-Ball Grand Champion! 

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Fun fact!  Since changing the NAPL playoffs to the four chart format, a D+ has been in the hot seat in the last 5 seasons.  Anyone can win.  Will you be next?  New season starts next week!  For more details, see below.