My fellow pool enthusiasts,

I have been playing pool for over 30 years and dedicated my life to representing the sport with integrity, grace and professionalism.  Unfortunately, I’ve never seen the game receive the recognition & respect I believe it deserves. I’ve been teaching the game for 20 years and can honestly say I finally understand that the key to putting pool on the map is to start with the amateurs.

My goal in starting this league is to expose players from all walks of life, from beginner to advanced level players, to this beautiful sport. Together, I sincerely believe we can elevate this game to the level it deserves to be portrayed, with respect and dignity.

Pool is very important to me and to this area and the more high quality competitions available for amateur players to compete in, the stronger the opportunity for the success of the sport.

For these reasons, I ask for the chance to make my dream a reality.   

Tony Robles
Former BCA Champion and founder of National Amateur Pool League